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Version: 0.4.0

Date: 2010-09-03 11:19:35

Program author: Daniela Engert

Rating (Votes: 12)

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Information is sent by: Improver -- 2010-09-03 11:19:35

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DaniATAPI.FLT - replacement for IBMIDECD.FLT, IBMATAPI.FLT, DaniADsk.FLT and all other ATAPI related filters.

This filter driver supports all types of ATAPI devices. It is a superset of IBMIDECD.FLT, IBMATAPI.FLT and DaniADsk.FLT, and supports all devices that the mentioned drivers do.

Additionally, all ATAPI devices can be accessed through the OS/2 ASPI software interface. Each EIDE channel shows up as a SCSI channel, and each ATAPI device as a SCSI device (master = SCSI ID 0, slave = SCSI ID 1).

This release of my ATAPI filter driver is based on the IBMATAPI.FLT and IBMIDECD.FLT sources.

My enhancements are:

* can deal with the ATAPI ZIP-250

* improved ZIP performance (up to factor 4 on ZIP-250)

* supports arbitrary swapping of 100MB and 250MB media

* reflects the current media capacity up to FDISK, DISKIO or the like

* OS/2 boot from ZIP is possible

* faster 32bit PIO in conjunction with DANIS506.ADD (rel. 1.1.1 or later)

* Busmaster DMA mode works and is tested with Intel, VIA, AMD, HPT, SiS and CMD chipsets until now. Busmaster DMA is available now for ALi as well (CD/DVD-ROM is safe, but some chip revisions fail on DMA write operations!). Due to hardware limitations there is no 32bit PIO and no busmaster DMA possible for ATAPI devices attached to a Promise Ultra controller.

* ATAPI devices appear to the rest of the system as regular SCSI-2 devices if used with DANIS506.ADD (rel. 1.1.5 or later). This may be disabled globally or individually.

* advanced "hot-swap" support if used with DANIS506.ADD (rel. 1.1.9 or later)

* support for PCCard (formerly: PCMCIA) ATAPI devices (like the Iomega PCMCIA ZIP-250 or the Iomega Click!40)

* support for PCCard CD writers (CDRecord, RSJ)

* the translation of old-style 6-byte SCSI commands into their more modern 10-byte counterparts is no longer hardcoded. The device is sensed now to check if it requires this translation.

* like DaniS506.ADD, this driver stores boot messages internally for later readout. To view them, issue "copy ATAPI$ con:", to dump them into a file, issue "copy ATAPI$ anyfile".

* automatic media unload on shutdown if desired

* supports up to eight IDE channels

This means, all freeware utilites designed to work with SCSI devices are supposed to work with ATAPI devices as well: CDRecord, CDDA2WAV, TAR, ...

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eCo Software was participating in the development of drivers:
  • ACPI - OS kernel, resources management, power management
  • Panorama VESA - universal video driver
  • JFS - boot feature implemented
  • Uniaud - initial support of HDAudio
  • USB - restore of source code


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